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Lea  Cupiał

Lea Cupiał

I am an Academy of Fine Arts graduate. I came across painting first at the age of 10 in the Aniela Sala\'s painting studio, my first teacher, mentor, later a friend. This meeting has affected my whole life and determined all subsequent decisions.

I treat my painting very personally, more and more often understanding it as a journey through my own life.

I\'m constantly changing and so as my painting. I\'m looking at my pictures from a week ago from a month ago and I know it\'s not me anymore.

Like a traveler with a suitcase, I leave and come richer in new experiences or poorer but still on the road, I am still searching.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, I presented my works in Art Galleries, participated in numerous exhibitions and my paintings were shown on tv and awarded. I get involved in all type of charity events very often.

This is a very important element in my life, never to refuse help. It is an honor for me that I could give so many works to charity auctions and they met with the approval of recipients and thus helping those in greater need.


My works are also in hands of private collections at home as well as abroad (among others, several of my paintings are in the Vatican with the Holy Father, from whom I received special thanks.)

kontakt: admin@arte.fm
Sklep plastyczny Szał dla plastyków, farby akrylowe, farby olejne, podobrazia,  
utrzymanie ruchu maszyn, system erp, zarządzanie produkcją

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